We are writing to introduce you to a therapist named Celeste Doneen, LCSW, CADC III, who is doing custody and parenting time evaluations, PC (Parent Coordination) work, and therapy in our field. Ms. Doneen recently volunteered to be a court-appointed parenting coordinator on an extremely complex case we were all working on. Scott represented one of the parties, and Laura and Kaori each represented one of the minor children in the case.
Ms. Doneen’s work as a PC appointed by Judge Raines before the trial greatly facilitated settlement in a case where she did some observational evaluation work as a PC, then guided (and continues to guide) a troubled young 12-year-old affected by parental conflict, to a return to a very healthy relationship with her mother.
In getting to know her, Ms. Doneen expressed an interest and indicated that she has been in training to do custody and parenting time evaluations. She has a website for you to use to familiarize yourself with her and to note the things she does well. We also commend to you the remarkable level of experience she has working with evaluation of individuals and families, and now very appropriately applying those skills to work as an evaluator regarding parenting time and custody issues.
…We hope lawyers will start to use her on cases. We commend her to you all, and wish you all the best.

—Scott Sorensen-Jolink, Laura Rackner and Kaori Tanabe Eder
Sorensen-Jolink Trubo LLP

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“Celeste is one of the best social workers I have worked with…(She) is also able to connect with patients quickly, empathizing with their condition such that she is able to accurately and rapidly come up with a treatment plan that her patients and their families feel good about.”

—Thomas Calverley, MD, FACEP, Regional Medical Director, Portland Service Area, Providence Health System

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“I recommend Celeste highly without reservation. Any employer or patient would be lucky to have her.”

—Andrew Zechnich, MD, MPH, Providence St. Vincent's Medical Center

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