The change you seek is within you.
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When you cannot wait for change to come to you, you must seek it out. Counseling can be a useful tool for this process.

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Parent Coordination

Children suffer when divorced parents are in high conflict. Parent Coordination Services can help soften the burden of conflict on families and children.

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Custody Evaluations

Photo by  Maja Dumat  - CC BY 2.0 - edited from original

Photo by Maja Dumat - CC BY 2.0 - edited from original

Prioritizing your children’s well-being can be challenging during divorce. As a Custody Evaluator, my goal is to provide the best situation for your family with integrity and compassion.

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I promote healthy communities by helping one person at a time, one family at a time, work toward positive change. As we empower individuals and families to embrace positive change, we support greater health, stability, and balance in our society.

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